Being pregnant and giving birth is no easy feat, regardless of whether the experience was textbook or fraught with complications. Gestating life is hard work, and then as mothers, we are facing with the overwhelming task of raising our newborns and hoping we get each decision “right.” It is easy to feel like we have just been handed a job we are severely under qualified for without even an internship under our belts. At the same time, the term “self-care” is thrown around and while it is important for own own emotional, physical, and mental well-being, it can feel like just another thing added on the commotion list of life.

The closer you get to your due date, the more exciting it is to think about finally meeting your baby. In addition, the closer you get to meet your baby, the more important it is to pack a hospital bag you can bring along to make yourself more comfortable during labour and after your little one arrives. However, it can be easy to over-pack and end up hauling around a giant bag that you barely touch. That is why we asked veteran moms for only the absolute “must-have” items. This is list or some item you can check on, toiletries, Slippers, glasses, nursing bra, nursing pads, phone charger, snacks, bathrobe and  your own pillow, Pads, underwear and diapers, going home outfits excreta.

Other important things after the childbirth for mother are-

Rest – Every new parent soon learns that babies have different time clocks than adults. A typical newborn wakes up about every 3 hours and needs to be fed, changed, and comforted. Especially if this is your first baby, you and your partner can become overwhelmed by exhaustion. You may not get a solid 8 hours of sleep for several months. Here are ideas to help you get more rest:

Nutrition – Your body has undergone many changes during pregnancy and birth. You need time to recover. In addition to rest, you need to eat a healthy diet to help you do that. The weight gained in pregnancy helps build stores for your recovery and for breastfeeding. After delivery, you need to eat a healthy and balance

Help for new parents – New as well as experienced parents soon realize that babies need a lot of work. Meeting the constant needs of a newborn involves time and energy. It often takes you away from other responsibilities in the home. You and your partner probably will do fine on your own, but having someone else helping with the household responsibilities usually adjusts a new baby easier.