The greatest gift given by Gautama Buddha is “Meditation”

We all know the story of Siddartha. A prince that witnessed a profound grief and misery of life while travelling. He was taken aback after discovering this side of life. He started wondering about the real meaning of existence and left his enormous palace, earthly pleasures to quench his thirst for real knowledge. He wanted to discover the meaning of life and achieve self liberation. The journey from prince Siddartha to Gautam Buddha was not an easy one. After a lot of practice, patience, and search, he discovered a path towards self enlightenment. His efforts created a new hopeful dawn for the world, as it blessed us with Buddhist philosophy and the ways to achieve inner peace.

Buddha preached against the extreme means of worldly life which led to man’s self indulgence, unending desires. He did not prescribe extreme hardship of ascetic life by physical punishment and self torture either. He created a middle path that could be followed by every common person. Buddha showed us a simple path of virtue which doesn’t follow the extremities of life, i.e, pleasure or penance.

Gautam Buddha is an epitome of mental peace, serenity, calmness and spiritual liberation. He has taught us the importance of meditation and how anyone can achieve enlightenment through it. Meditation is a mental exercise that involves concentration, body and mind relaxation. When you meditate, you are fully awake and alert, but your mind is not focused on the external world or on the events taking place around you. Meditation is the way of life that makes one’s life happier and easier. Think of meditation as an exercise for the mind. It helps us to stay mentally fit and our brain works sharper. It is especially helpful in cases of severe anxiety or stress inducing situations. Inner peace is an extremely difficult and the most beautiful thing to master. It helps to overcome pain, suffering and find a way to overcome the problems. The practice of meditation offers us some quiet quality time to breathe and connect, be aware of passing thoughts, and to clear the mind.

Pregnant women have to cope with a number of emotional and physical challenges. Hormonal changes in their body can lead to numerous mood swings, increased appetite and extreme nausea. Meditation during pregnancy helps mothers to deal with these changes by fostering relaxation and re-centering.

Meditation helps them in clearing their mind, staying calm and focusing on doing productive things. Mother’s healthy mind helps for the healthy growth of the baby.
Follow the meditation path to find your inner peace. Bendre Hospital wishes you all a very happy Buddha Pournima.