Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics Bendre Hospital

Bendre is your one-stop solution for dietary tips and needs are baby, tiny tots, toddlers, children and teenagers for all expecting and new moms as well!

Bendre takes care of your overall well-being, so we want you to understand the value of food, nutrition and its beneficial effects on our health.

You are what you eat,’ is a saying that undeniably holds true. The wellbeing of your stomach is responsible for your body’s overall functioning and also influences the state of your mental health. For a balanced life, a safe diet is also important.

Nutritionists on Bendre

Our Bendre nutritionists are highly experienced in the fields of nutrition and diet, and their experiences help expecting and new mothers adopt a safe and balanced diet plan to help them stay nourished during the journey of pregnancy, while strengthening and preparing moms for their labor. Our nutritionists assist first-time moms with nutrition in order to support the infant with lactation and first meal.